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March 28th, 2010

01:50 am - The Great Opening Project: FMA Series 1 Op2

You know, my original plan for this thing was to alternate the FMA openings with other stuff, but since it took me this long (and I didn't even get to post my impressions of Megaman 10), I'll just post this and try to take less time next time:

Hyperlinked this time, 'cause Youtube's being a dick.




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February 28th, 2010

12:17 am - The Great Opening Project: FMA Series 1 Op1

I've been thinking about writing something like this for a while - as in, back when Brotherhood first aired and someone in my flist mentioned how FMA gets the best openings. And frankly, my job and graduate studies have been keeping me busy for a while, but I finally decided to buck down and start writing on this journal again.

Mostly frivolous stuff, though - much as I respect the people on my flist who aren't afraid to air out their family or work-related grievances, I've rarely felt like writing about it myself.

Anyway, on to the topic:

Kimi wo teme~Collapse )


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December 9th, 2009

10:58 pm - Not to be confused with Megaman X
Megaman 10 announced for the WiiWare. Plot even more ridiculous than Megaman 9's.

Seriously. Robotenza?

The multiple characters bit sounds kinda like the PS2 Megaman X games. Hopefully this isn't a bad sign.

Also, this game already has bonus points for getting Mareep the Pokemon to sign in as a Robot Master.

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November 17th, 2009

11:21 pm - Thoughts on Muramasa
So I finished Muramasa: the Demon Blade this past weekend (got the first ending on both characters), and have gone on to do the sealed cave challenges (also known as, How to Humble the Hardcore And Push The System to Its Limits). It's a testament to the Wii's hardware that it's only at key moments in these caves that I've witnessed slowdown (juggling three priests in the air while the rest keep dashing and jumping around, having three of ten Tengus do the strafing fire attack on-screen...)

For those of you who haven't heard of this game, what with it being a Wii game from an obscure publisher and developer: Muramasa is made by the same people behind Odin Sphere, and like that game it's a 2D brawler with some RPG elements. A beautifully drawn, sprites-only, 2D brawler, mind; the use of colors on both games is amazing, whether they're depicting scenery, characters or food.

Muramasa follows two characters (as opposed to Odin Sphere's five) on stories that are painted in broad strokes: the amnesiac ninja Kisuke (who, with his hairstyle and eyelids, might as well be called Ninja L), seeking the reason why every other ninja in post-Sengoku era Japan is after his blood, and possessed princess Momohime, whose current "guest" is looking for the soul-swapping sword that might get him in a body of the right gender - essentially, that means you're playing a fearsome swordsman and a shy, demure girl competing for the same body (KOMEDY!!). Aiding on their quests are the kitsune Kongiku (big-breasted foxgirl with a thing for Momohime's "guest") and Yuzuruha (umbrella-toting foxgirl who is ridiculously formal - not that you'd know if you're only reading the text), as well as the spirit of Senjou Muramasa, who forges cursed blades out of the souls of your slain enemies and the stuff that you eat.

Like Odin Sphere before it, Muramasa makes a big deal out of eating properly: there are teahouses scattered about the countryside where your character can order a meal and savor it thoroughly as he or she consumes it (you press the A button to watch the succulent image of food get gradually eaten away, as your character comments on how delicious it is). You also find, either in treasure chests or from merchants, stuff that can be consumed while on the field, as well as recipes for making more potent meals - all of which, when prepared or consumed, are rendered in the same lush detail as everything else on the game.

The difficulty of the game is a bit uneven, though - you might have trouble with one boss only to find the next one ridiculously easy, especially on Ninja L's story: I beat half his bosses without dying once and one of them without even healing, yet his final boss is considerably harder than Momohime's. At least they are all unique, unlike with Odin Sphere, where half the bosses were fought 3-4 times and everyone had to fight Belial the Amazing Technicolor Dragon.

Also, as many have pointed out, the localization seems... lacking. While I'm sure the text gives a good idea of what's going on, there are either inconsistencies or parts where a character says a lot more than what might be on the text - the cutscenes before and after Ninja L's first boss fight are most noticeable: the other ninjas refer to their place of origin interchangeably as Iga and Skull Valley, and Yuzuruha uses a lot of ridiculous honorifics like "osamurai-sama" and "anata-sama" that don't have any equivalent in the text (though maybe because "osamurai-sama" doesn't make sense - Ninja L's, well, a ninja). At least it gives a bit of old school charm, like the Hattori Hanzo scenes in Kill Bill where the subtitles seemed to go at a different rythm than what was actually said.

So overall, it's a fun 2D brawler, with enough depth to forgive a little repetition (you'll be fighting a lot of ninjas). If you have a Wii... well, you should be buying NSMBWii, since I hear it's awesome, but you should also buy this game if possible.

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October 11th, 2009

11:24 am - Another opening for FMA:B

See for yourselves.

It's pretty spoilerish, though; watching still shots of it, one might guess that Character X is going to join the homunculi.

Still, it's got great imagery about the next two arcs (the Great Ishbal Flashback and Briggs), with the accompanying images of Kimblee and Major General Armstrong to go with them.

Also, this opening has to feature the most images of Hughes in both series. Not bad for a dead guy.

Too bad that, Yui's opening song aside, the quality of opening songs is lower than on the first series. Seriously, what?

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July 12th, 2009

12:59 pm - FMA & FSN Talk

So the new opening for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is up. The choice of song isn't as good as the last one, though it's still impressively animated (I'm hoping the choice of scenes means they'll finally stop the breackneck pacing the show has suffered, though; since it barely hints at Envy's true form, maybe they'll try to adapt 19 chapters or so over the next 13 episodes, because dammit, the Lust fight needs proper pacing).

I find it appropriate that the bookending of Ed and Al in a train station calls back to the third opening of the first series, almost as a way of saying "this is where the plots diverge, people" (also because "Undo" was the weakest of the 4 opening songs).

Also, I dig the homage to Vol. 9's cover with Mustang's group (and a bit of Vol. 8, since Ling's group are standing on pillars?)

In other news, I've been reading the Let's Play for Fate/Stay Night, which means I've been looking a bit into the plot of the series and its spinoffs. It's actually pretty good, once you get past the tl;dr infodumps, like what would have happened if X/1999 had been made by a mostly male staff instead of CLAMP. Thinking of RP possibilities, I'm wondering if there's an RP somewhere in which Archer (he of GAR fame) and Akio Ohtori have met, if for no other reason than because of the potential hilarity in their not understanding where the other is coming from.
Also, Fate Zero's Rider is awesomeness in a can and I hope someone, somewhere is RPing him.
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June 17th, 2009

10:01 pm - Some more FMA blather

Since the new series has put me in the occasional FMA mood, I've been re-reading the manga at a 3 chapters-for-each-Brotherhood-episode pace. I've just read Chapter 32, which is the point where the manga and the first anime have pretty much parted ways (the point of divergence, depending on who you ask, is either from the start, at the end of the Fifth Laboratory arc, after You-Know-Who is killed, or right when Ed and Al reunite with Izumi) - knowing what happens to Ling later on, some of his panels on this chapter really feel like foreshadowing.

Having recently read the Greed arc, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Brotherhood will animate it these next few weeks. Honestly, the stuff that's been on Brotherhood so far mostly pales compared to the first series, since Studio Bones had taken the time of mix-n-matching 15+ manga chapters' worth of content (plus filler) into a superlative 25 episodes. For Brotherhood, if they're planning on adapting everything into a 50-episode series, the better-known early chapters would have to get really sped-through - like I said on Kef's journal, 2-3 chapters per episode is one thing when adapting the more traditional shounen stuff like Naruto or Bleach, not quite so when the average Fullmetal Alchemist chapter is packed. However, what got me about the Greed arc was how long it felt compared to what came before: 6 chapters, at 40 pages per chapter, twice as long as the Fifth Laboratory arc.
Of course, between Ed, Al, the Curtis couple, Greed's gang, and later on Armstrong and Bradley, Arakawa really needed 6 chapters. But the point is, we're going to get three straight episodes of Greed being an awesome pimp, and that should be enough to make up for the hectic pace of the current series, I think.

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June 2nd, 2009

10:06 pm - E3 2009: Nintendo throws the core a bone

This is just awesome.

Metroid Gaiden! Co-op Mario! A bunch of awesome DS games!

And last, but by no stretch of imagination least...


Best news I've heard all day.

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May 15th, 2009

08:49 pm - Meme Time!
Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

My fandoms: Zelda, Suikoden, Persona

My answersCollapse )

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April 29th, 2009

10:35 pm - P3 Recap: April 20-21, 2009

Fishsauce!Collapse )

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