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The Falcon's Nest

Quartz Falcon
17 June 1982
An Industrial Engineer from Mexico.

If you stumbled into my journal, chances are you either know me from my contributions to VGR (www.videogamerecaps.com), deathtocapslock or in rare cases, because we met back when the Milama Pub was still active. In case the above didn't give you the hint, yes, I'm fond of reading and making snark. After all, nothing's sadder than someone who takes their entertainment too seriously.

If for some unfathomable reason you were interested by one of my posts, make sure to comment on them freak.

Incidentally, I also indulge in RPs. Here are the people I play, if you're curious:

shiningwind: Hououji Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth, two years after the anime.
secondarylight: Kitaurawa Uzura from Cyber Team in Akihabara, though transplanted to the Tokyo from MKR.
wanker_king: take a wild guess.
diz_respect: DiZ from the Kingdom Hearts series.
prideofelric: Pride, as seen on true_inversion.
snarky_larxy: Larxene, also from the Kingdom Hearts series.
souleatermcdohl: The Hero of Suikoden I.
guardian_lelei: Lelei, from Suikoden V.
sindarscholar: Zweig, also from Suikoden V.
bandit_prince: Roy, also from Suikoden V.
reaps_bunnies: Kuchiki Rukia, from Bleach.
birdwhoseeks: Gwendolyn, from Odin Sphere.
zeroth_card: The Main Character of Persona 3.
comic books, film, most types of music, mp3s, snarky recapping sites, videogames